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Tranquility base hotel & casino arctic monkeys перевод

Tbhc has nothing to do with the aggressive brit pop the band were playing on their debut album.
Five long years joker resultater norge have passed lotto am samstag ziehung heute since its critically acclaimed predecessor AM in which fans have been left without a clue as to what the new Arctic Monkeys would sound like.
There is plenty that actively resists it, and thats probably the point.
At a studio in an old Parisian mansion, the band dreamed up an alluring retro-futurist backdrop for Turners inventions.Unlike, father John Misty, another acolyte of this pop-philosophical literature, Turner threads their ideas into quiet storms of insinuation rather than didactic frenzies.He veers from croons to falsetto, splicing together hyperrealist satire, sham biography, and interstellar escapism.After recalling a time when he just wanted to be one of the Strokes, Turner drifts into a romantic fantasy about an ex and re-emerges in their back seat, a ghost in the rear-view mirror, before taking an elevator down to Earth to resume his.I dont know, he replied.A piano that he was given to him for his 30th birthday seems to be the foundation of the albums composition.But whether were actually talking about a sort of hotel-casino complex on the moon or not is debatable.And yet, this conceptual record wears thin after a few spins and may feel out of place on the bands upcoming arena dates.Other exclusive editions can be purchased at the AM pop-up stores in Friday May 11th.Perhaps the great mystery of, tranquility Base Hotel Casino is not its knotty themes or cryptic lyrics but whats motivating Turner.To round off the lunar alienation, he spliced his studio renditions with the raw, eccentric vocal demos hed been recording at home.

Alex Turner in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
Five long years have passed since its critically acclaimed predecessor.
The bands sixth album is undoubtedly their strangest, most alluring release to date; none of its 11 spacey songs come even close to sounding like a proper single, never mind alcohol commercial soundtrack fodder.
Whether or not hed accept the term, hes descended into a kind of capitalist ennui, borne out in a sharp line crooned on Batphone: I launch my fragrance called Integrity/I sell the fact that I cant be bought.AM webstore, on silver vinyl.Tranquility Base Hotel Casino as a whole, its own adventurousness proving a successful gambit.This is one of his pet topics, how consumerism can co-opt a salient critique and use it to sell you new stuff.Tranquility Base Hotel Casino, on the other hand, sounds like the work of a different band entirely.In light of their previous record.Four Out of Five, the Information-Action Ratio is the name of a rooftop taqueria in Turners rapidly gentrifying moon colony.With no singles prior to its release, Arctic Monkeys' sixth album Tranquility Base Hotel Casino is either the proverbial case of your pig in a poke or a great marketing stunt.After 2013s wildly successful.