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Poker theorem

Morton's theorem contrasts with the fundamental theorem of poker, which states that a player wants their opponents to make decisions which minimize their own expectation.
It is a classic, for good reason.
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In limit, and I think this is part of Clark's point, you'll get paid off by tptk when you bet your set, or low flush, but if you check they won't bet.This is because Internet games between regulars are so much more aggressive than pre-Internet (ie live) games.The first is that if you put your opponent on a full house and you can beat them, don't be afraid to overbet/push the river.This depends on the number of cards among the remaining 42 that will give him the best hand, and the current size of the pot.David Sklansky, "The Theory of Poker".It's weird, I know.

However, dronning margrethe 2 slotte suppose Bob knew (with 100 certainty) that Carol held.
Schooling occurs when many opponents correctly call against a player with the best hand, whereas implicit collusion occurs when an opponent incorrectly calls bingo banko haderslev against a player with the best hand.
Application: If someone 3bets you in this situation, 4bet/push.Bob now has a decision to make based upon incomplete information.Since neither strong hands like top pair and overpairs don't 3bet here and monsters don't 3bet here the only hands left that 3bet are bluffs.Contents, an example edit, the following example is credited to Morton, 2 who first posted elsa slott kake a version of it 3 on the, usenet newsgroup mbling.Even if Carol does not have an A or a K, there are 3 cards to a straight and 2 cards to a flush on the flop, and she could easily be on a straight or flush draw.Cry Me A River, 05:05 PM # 16 Lann555 newbie Join Date: Apr 2008 Posts: 37 Re: A concise list of 22 theorems Lann, 05:58 PM # 17 CalledDownLight Toonces the Posting Bot Join Date: Jan 2007 Location: duke football duke basketball Posts: 87,602.