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Poker hand evaluation algorithm

Rank*type) i; second handi.
I needed a method that didn't care what order the five cards were given.
Xxx bbbbb bbbbbbbb cdhs rrrr xx pppppp p prime number of rank (deuce2,trey3,four5,.,ace41) r rank of card cdhs suit of card (bit turned on based on suit of card) b bit turned on depending on rank of card Using such a scheme, here are some.
You then yell in a loud voice, asking everyone to compare their hand with everybody else's hand.for each case(oppcards) opprank Rank(oppcards, boardcards) if(ourrank opprank) ahead 1 else if(ourrankopprank) tied 1 else behind 1 handstrength (aheadtied/2) / (aheadtiedbehind) return(handstrength).Paul Senzee of Florida decided that he could speed up my evaluator by using a pre-computed perfect hash function instead of a binary search for those final 4888 hand values.The hand evaluator I built was quite naive and used a brute-force approach to determine most hands.

There are already numerous evaluators out there, but I had an idea for an algorithm that might be faster than anything already out there.
Now, when you query for the eleventh time, four people should step forward, each holding Four Aces with a King kicker.
It will get considerably longer if converted to Java.
3 : 1 v - (ss0 (ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4) * (s 0x7c00)?
In lørdags lotto præmie prognose my above example, the King High Straight hand will always generate a product value of 14,535,931.However, since the highest distinct hand value is 7462, we can make our array up of type short.1598: four people holding 764: four people holding 75432 Flushes.First, we check to see if all the suits are the same.Anyway, you can read about his optimization and download his new evaluator code here.With just two easy calculations and two quick lookups, we have eliminated 2574 out of the 7462 possible distinct hand values.You group those people together, tie a rope around them, label them with the number "1 and ask them to leave the field.Next comes all the Three of a Kinds, 64 people each.You basically need to evaluate the hands of two players for 1000 rounds, and then determine how many rounds rounds player one wins.Okay, before we start digging into my algorithm, please read this first.

The next eight queries should yield: 3: four people holding Queen-High Straight Flushes 4: four people holding Jack-High Straight Flushes 5: four people holding Ten-High Straight Flushes 6: four people holding Nine-High Straight Flushes 7: four people holding Eight-High Straight Flushes 8: four people holding.