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Metin2 best bonuses

metin2 best bonuses

Level 55 Map of Haunted Woods.
As long as you fulfil the necessary level requirements and have the required Passage Tickets, youll be able to find similar players quickly and easily.
Fish up chests, complete the jigsaw and collect a precious Golden Fish Chest!
First of all some quick Infos about what's going to await you: You need 55 Skillbooks from M1.
Biologe Chaegirab is very important, from level 1 you want to get to level 30 as fast as possible.Fixed an error which prevented you from searching for the Weapon Skin Voucher using the Looking Glass and Trading Glass.Please note, that you cannot create more then 5 characters and if you get more then 5 characters on the account, you won't be able to create new ones, before you delete some of them.That's my quick Guideline for new Players, it may not or may have some spelling mistakes if you want to add other important stuff feel free to reply in the comments.SP Regeneration 30 20 Chance for EXP bonus 20 Chance of double Yang drop.Fms or Rib with 35 is fine until.For example, these now include the Appaloosa Seal, a starter pony whose lifespan can even be extended with Power Snacks.Fixed an error which prevented players from kicking members from the group.Ars said: You can basically level from 1 to 61 just from destroying metins, which you should do since you gonna need skill books, stones and crystals.New Item: Transmutation Ticket, use poker rules all in texas holdem this ticket to change the appearance of your equipment without spending Yang.You farm there to get many more Crystals Yang EXP Ring Glove of thieves.Fixed an error which under certain circumstances prevented the quest scroll for young heroes being displayed despite the player reaching the required level.

So it can happen in rare cases that a level 30 or 75-Weapon have 5 bonuses!
You farm there to get Skillbooks (important!).
Dear players, During maintenance, tomorrow, we're going to do the following changes: When servers were merged, this summer, if player had more then 5 characters across merged servers, they were required to distribute those characters to additional accounts.After that you can go spider dungeon 2 or 3 til you get.Fixed an error which removed the equipped weapon skin as soon as the player teleported into an instance.SP: Resistance Bonuses Sword Defence: Dagger Defence: Two-Handed Defence: Arrow Resistance: Bell Defence: Fan Defence: Strong Against Bonuses Strong against Demi-Human: Strong against Esoteric: Strong against Orcs: Strong against Undead: Strong against Devil: Strong against Animals: Other Bonuses Moving Speed: Poisoning Resistance: 1.Fixed an error which prevented the health indicator appearing in your pets icon after placing it in your storeroom.