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Delta lotto system explained

A few iphone casino emoji apparent conclusions from an analysis of the delta numbers above: A delta of 1 appears in any given six-number pick about tivoli casino app 63 of the time in the numbers above.
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Please don't spend all your money on lottery tickets!A lotto number composed of deltas all below 10 only occurs about 4 of the time.Delta Lotto DVD, this page created and maintained.Winning numbers from the Michigan lotto were used for this page, but data from other state lotteries that I have tested with my system behaved in a similar way.Vcb1S0j7tcri, to really understand what this is about.

This video is the introduction to our system.
Dave Muse, disclaimer: This page is presented as entertainment.
A delta number higher than 15 occurs in a given pick about half the time.
Lotto numbers delta numbers.Back to the main page, powerful lotto software, world's best homepage.Delta Lotto DVD for more on this topic.Do you think this information could be useful?Runs like this, especially occurring so close together, may be evidence of poor mixing of the balls in the lotto machine - in which case watching for small deltas tips us off to what's happening.ONE appears in the delta column below.